Welcome to our online independent study and findings, after our information gathering from the gold buying industry. 

Who REALLY pays the most for your Gold and Silver?
Case Study: Gold Buyers & Prices
Top 5 Best Cash For Gold

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Our #1 Pick: 


Piedmont Gold Exchange, a subsidiary of Instant Cash for Gold, is the number one pick for selling gold jewelry online.

Not only do they pay the highest prices for gold and silver online on the internet and at their two store locations, they even guarantee it.  They are a company with almost 30 years of experience in precious metals, and are a professional company that puts and keeps the customer first. 

They also have their prices posted on their website and have the quickest "cash in hand" processing than anyone else online. 

Their highly trained staff is both industry knowledgeable and customer service oriented. 

We were impressed with their handling of us, our order and highly recommend them with the selling of your gold and silver.  

With gold prices as a high as they are,  and companies offering outrageous claims to pay the most for your gold and silver, we thought we would conduct an independent case study on who was the highest paying company for gold and silver. 


The idea to conduct a study came to us after I decided to send some old gold to a large Nationally advertised company.  What I received was far less than expected. 


As a National Marketing and Research Firm, Fonte Marketing, we have conducted many studies in the past, however not one of this nature.  We began by sending equal amounts of 14k gold to five of the largest companies buying gold today.  Our study was not only based on prices paid per gram, but professionalism, processing time, and complaints from the Better Business Bureau and ratings. 


The study took a few weeks to complete and I was surprised at how the price paid per gram differed from company to company.  The results are listed to the right and are done so with the number one (#1) listed as “best”, going down to number five (#5) as “worst”. 


We truly hope our research and time devoted to this project will assist you in making your decision on which company to choose to buy your precious metals.

*Rates shown are from time of purchases and many have changed from that date.    

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